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Data Gathering

Our collective can extract data from a variety of sources. Our Data gathering team collate, collect and input multiple streams to a single source.

Progress Monitoring

As a client you will have access to a realtime data monitor as a picture of our input begins to show progress which enables a reactive approach much earlier,

Reporting & Structure

We create a final report based upon each clients specific needs, our commitment to dynamic excellence will ensure a final product you can rely on.


As a collective we have a combined experience of over 60 years in social projects and service consultancy, we are respected specialists within our field.

Advice & Problem Solving

HeadSpace consulting can assist in dealing with the practical and real world challenges that your organisation is facing, our collective mindset of troubleshooters will be deployed to find solutions and effective outputs. We can lead on all issues from observational overviews to innovative user/customer experience reporting

Project Planning & Growth

Headspace consilting can work with your teams or people to institute improved project planning and growth management systems. We work closely with our clients to promote efficiency, productivity and accountability and achieve the best results focused on your goals. Our collective have the experience to drive your business forward and implement measures for sustained development.

Social, Public Sector & Care

Our highly experienced team at HeadSpace consulting have diverse experience within the social sector with a focus on departmental reporting, community project overview and care sector planning. We can easily develop solutions alongside the data we learn from each client with a focus on cost and efficiency for our clients social and community projects.